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Toaru Majutsu no Index

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A Certain Magical Index, Toaru Majutsu no Kinsho Mokuroku, とある魔術の禁書目録
Status: Completed Studio: Rilasciato: 2008 Durata: 23 min. per ep. Stagione/i: Tipo: TV Episodi: 24 Censure?: Censored Director: Postato da: Ascaris Rilasciato il: Aggiornato da:
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Sinossi di Toaru Majutsu no Index

Academy City, Japan, is at the forefront of science. Besides being 30 years ahead of the world technologically, more than three-fourths of this peculiar city's population consists of students developing their psychic abilities as espers in various institutions. Among these students is Touma Kamijou, a high school boy with the lowest psychic rank of zero, but with a mysterious power no scientist can understand: "Imagine Breaker," which allows him to negate other supernatural abilities.

This, however, doesn't affect Kamijou's life in the least as he plays his role as a regular teenager; that is, until he meets the strange Index Librorum Prohibitorum, a young girl who has memorized the entirety of the forbidden grimoires, and now a dangerous organization is hunting Index down. With several magicians looking to harm the girl, Kamijou will defend his new companion at all costs as he discovers a strange new realm of the supernatural.

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Personaggi e doppiatori

Kamijou, Touma Main
Abe, Atsushi Japanese
Index Librorum Prohibitorum Main
Iguchi, Yuka Japanese
Misaka, Mikoto Supporting
Satou, Rina Japanese
Accelerator Supporting
Shirai, Kuroko Supporting
Arai, Satomi Japanese
Last Order Supporting
Hidaka, Rina Japanese
MISAKA 10032 Supporting
Sasaki, Nozomi Japanese
Kanzaki, Kaori Supporting
Itou, Shizuka Japanese
Tsuchimikado, Motoharu Supporting
Katsu, Anri Japanese
Magnus, Stiyl Supporting
Taniyama, Kishou Japanese

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